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Below you can find the range of services OTI Media can offer your business, social enterprise or project.

Graphic Design & Animation

We design logos, banners, gif animations for all social media and network platforms. Specifically for your needs we can create 2D animations, puppets and motion graphic projects. 

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Multimedia Design

We design interactive projects and applications for various installations, museums, events and other custom design elements for your business, event or project

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Video Editing

We can edit your raw video files for your business and/or project.

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Radio/Tv/Web Advertising

We create from scratch, scenarios, produce spots for Radio and TV (animated) and using Voice talents for your campaigns, jingles and your projects. We create also web banners and advertise on our network.

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We can design your website, host it, maintain it, develop web services that suit your business and project.

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Social Media Management

We can handle your social media channels, produce content, monitor, schedule your posts, stories and feeds for any social media network platform.

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At the heart of every campaign, there is a dream. 
We simply help you create it.

We always give every client our support and time to reach the best results for each project. 

"Creativity is seeing what others see and thinking what no one else ever thought." - Albert Einstein

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